Humus – W/ pita bread or homemade lavash chips $7

Tzatziki – Greek yogurt with fresh dill and touch garlic $7

Spanakopita – Filo dough stuffed with spinach, onion and feta cheese $8

Zucchini Cakes –Zucchini, fresh dill, egg and feta cheese served with mint-yogurt $8

Dolma – Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants, served with mint- yogurt $8

Greek Salad- Tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, red onion, parsley, olives & feta cheese with olive oil lemon vinaigrette $10

Spring Mix Salad –Tomato, carrots, Gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinaigrette dressing $9


SANDWICHES (*lunch only)

Gyro Wrap – Red onion, iceberg lettuce, tomato and sweet paprika yogurt sauce $14

Salmon Sandwich- Iceberg lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce $14

Chicken Wrap- Iceberg lettuce, pepperoncini peppers, caramelized onion and basil pesto aioli sauce $14



Mixed Kebab – All Kebabs served w/ rice pilaf, tzatziki, tomato-red cabbage salad $19

All Lamb Kebab $22 / All Chicken Kebab $17

Musakka- Roasted eggplant, potatoes, ground beef, béchamel & tomato sauce $19

Talas- Filo dough wrapped chicken breast, vegetables, Asiago cheese, currants, green apple and coco- nut curry sauce $19

Lamb Burger –Red onion, Tomato, iceberg lettuce, choice of feta cheese or cheddar cheese and roasted potato $15

Veggie Stew – Potato, eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, onion, carrots fresh tomato in a Coconut milk- curry sauce $16

Penne Arabiata Pasta – Fresh tomato, garlic, red chili flakes marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese

$16 (*spicy)

Short Ribs – With fresh tomato, mushroom demi-glaze sauce over roasted potatoes and mix veggie $24

Fish of the Day



Chocolate Cake – 6